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"Anik In Time"

Enjoy and witness “Anik In Time” of House, Pet & Plant Sitting adventures around the world and RV’ing adventures in Canada.

My journey is about travel and  how I can provide you with peace of mind while we both travel! 

Me in your home town and you, anywhere your imagination takes you. 

Curious about getting peace of mind when you travel?

RV'ing in 2018 & resume in 2021

Learn and be amused by all things about RV’ing! Though I am not an expert – I have lived in a 34 foot Class A RV for 6 months and will be moving into a 24 foot Class C RV in May 2021. Here you will get a chance to learn more about RV’ing, what you need and what I have experienced. So benefit from my adventures and feel free to ask me questions anytime!

House, Pet & Plant Sitting since 2018

Learn about my house, pet and plant sitting services, and witness my adventures and the companions I have enjoyed! A sample of all my experiences, including the good, the bad and the ugly.  But all of them loveable! And if you ever want to know more, want to use my services, never hesitate to reach out & let’s talk!

Want to know more?

I offer personalized residential services that can bring you peace of mind, regardless of why you need to travel !

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House Sitting

Home care service for the maintenance and security of your property. Keeping your home neat and tidy. Ready for your return.

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Pet Sitting

Home care for your pets and animals, to keep life stable and stress free by keeping to their routine. Ready for your return

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Plant Sitting

Home care for plants& gardens, including watering, fertilizing, maintenance and harvesting. Ready for your return.

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It's time to get some answers!

Come and take a look – here are my most frequently asked questions (FAQ)! 

Have more questions? 

No worries, contact me and let me know and I will do my best to find you an answer.