About Anik

Nice to meet you, I'm Anik

And I love to travel. I started travelling in 2017.  I travelled the traditional style with planes, trains, automobiles and cruises using AirB&B’s, hotels, restaurants. And I got tired.

In 2018, I moved into a 34 foot RV (yes, it’s the size of a city bus) and travelled the USA and a bit of Mexico with everything I needed. My own bed, kitchen and even A/C! I loved it.

Then I discovered House & Pet sitting and started slow travel. I have house/pet sit in Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Scotland, Malta, Egypt & more. I fell in love with the homes, the pets and the adventure.

With all this travel, I discovered I am a homebody that loves to travel slowly. So I am combining house & pet sitting and RV’ing while in Canada/ USA & just doing pet sitting adventures outside North America. I invite you to join me!

For those who don’t know, travel is simple when you you figure out what works for you AND you recognize that beauty is everywhere. You just need to be open to the discoveries!

Warm regards and hugs. 

Anik Lapointe

PS. I am not a photographer, or model and I sometimes lose the battle to my comb, but I believe it just makes me more real! Enjoy my adventures!

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So now you know my story, here is my background!

My background is not unlike your own, I grew up pets, got my  education, worked and then made a different decision. However, here is a bit about me before I shifted towards a travelling lifestyle.

Home Owner

I have owned a house for over 25 years in Ottawa, Canada, but as we all know your house, with time, energy and effort transforms itself into a home where you build your life and many memories. For me, this means, I have renovated, landscaped, gardened and done general maintenance for my home & took care of a hot tub. And I love it! However, travelling take me away from my home – now for 3 years and my home is tenanted with a lovely couple who recognize my house as a home and treat it with respect. And I am grateful. 

So I understand the investment you make in your home, to make it work for you! And I commit myself to maintaining your home, as I would mine. 

Pet Parent

I  grew up with primarily with dogs but we also had gerbils. mouse, hamsters, gold fish and even a rabbit for a short period of time. After leaving my parents home, I adopted my first 2 cats and now have had cats for about 30 years. 

Through my pet sitting, I have taken care cats, dogs, rats chickens, ducks and duckens (ducks that think they are chickens). They varied with some old, some very young, some sick and medicated, some in need of alot of attention & love and others who were just plain indepandent! However I have enjoyed and loved each unique personality!


I am officially retired from a fulfilling career as an Analyst, HR Expert, Wellness and Ethics Advisor & Business Planner from Canadian Public Service, in organizations such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Departments of Justice, Statistics and Corrections.

Several years ago I launched my coaching business but in the last 3 years, travel has taken precedence. I am now ready to resume my coaching in an onloine forum to help people reach their goals and live their best life. 


I have been travelling for over 5 years. What can I say, I like to move around. I have visited over 30 countries. 

However, house and pet sitting is different from travelling.  Homes are different based on geography, climate, and economic circumstances and this is what makes it so exciting.  I have done house and pet sitting in the following countries:

In Canada

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Novo Scotia
  • British Columbia


  • London
  • Rural areas 
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • Egypt
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey

Generally I spend 5-7 months in Canada and the balance of the time outside Canada.

For 2022, the plan will be to remain in North America with a focus on Canada with a spring and summer RV cross country trip mixed in with a series of shorter house sitting assignments (generally looking for 2.5 weeks or less).

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Fish Aquarium Tropical Yellow  - christels / Pixabay
Cat Tabby Sleeping Pet Animal  - guvo59 / Pixabay
Rooster Chicken Hen Chicken Coop  - enriquelopezgarre / Pixabay

Other fun things when travelling...


What can I say? The other benefit of slow travel is the ability to cook for yourself and be inspired by the region and spice rack available to you!

And, sadly (or not) I travel solo which means I still make too much food sometimes! This means it is not unusual for my home owners to benefit from this in the form of fresh meals or snacks!

The great outdoors

A hike, a walk, a stroll, a bike ride - whatever you call want to call it, it's an opportunity to spend time outdoors. A park, a forest, a beach, a coastline, a boardwalk - they are all great and soothe the soul when slow travelling!