House & Pet Sitting

Let me tell you all about it!

I provide house and pet sitting service to people who want or need residential support for their home, pets and plants. This means, that I go into your home, and take over many of your responsibilities so that you can get some peace of mind while you are away. 

I look at it as a way of trying on a someone else’s life temporarily – explore what I love, what I like and things that have less appeal. However, the goal is always to provide you with the re-assurance that your responsibilities are being taken of, even in your absence.

I have included the information below as examples to provide you with some information about some to the areas whereby I can assist you. 

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House Sitting

House sitting is about taking care of your home and providing you with peace of mind. making sure that all thing continue to work or do the required maintenance as issues arise. 

It may include:

* In Canada, some insurance policies have strict guidelines about how long a house can be vacant before it impacts the insurance policy. For example, in winter, some policies are voided if the house is vacant for 3 days or longer. I highly recommend you checking in with your specific insurance policy. 

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Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is about keeping your pets in their home environment and minimize changes to their routine. The goal is to keep them happy, feeling secure and stress free. 

It may include:

* It should be noted that every reasonable attempt will be made to “mimic” your schedule so as to minimize any disruption for their routine.

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Plant Sitting

Plant sitting is about keeping your plants & gardens alive & thriving. The goal is to keep them “green” and In the case of vegetable gardens, it is to reduce/ eliminate food waste.

It may include:

* In the case of vegetables gardens, I have alot of experience storing and preserving vegetables, including freezer prep, cooking & canning. 

Missing something? Likely!

Every house, pet & plant is unique.  You may want me to so some of these, or none of the above. You may also have some specificities to your property, your pets, your routine that you would like me to keep up. 

No worries, let’s grab a bottle of water (I know, crazy, I don’t drink coffee) and have a video chat about these and what your expectations are. This way, we both know what is needed, expected and we both can have a great experience.   

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