House, Pet & Plant Services

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What services do I offer?

How are Services provided?

I offer residential House, Pet and Plant Sitting services, in Canada and abroad.  This means I will take care of

  • your house and property
  • your pets and animals
  • your plants and gardens
  • and other odds & sods as negotiated

To provide residential services means that I come into your home and I generally take over your responsibilities so that there is minimum disruption to your routines. 

In other words, I move in and do most of what you would do at home. This includes basic home maintenance, such cleaning and ensuring everything is working well. I take care of your pets as if you were home, doing my best to respect their habits & routines while providing them with love and attention. And I ensure that your plants and gardens continue to thrive by watering, fertilizing, harvesting as needed/ instructed. 

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I have owned my own home for over 25 years in Canada and have lived in apartments, condo’s, houses and town homes. I have experience in basic home maintenance and fairly significand renovations. If a problem occurs, I generally know how to deal with it so that you can have peace of mind. However nothing is ever done without informing you.

House Sitting Services

My approach is simple! I try to micmic what you would do at home. This means that during my stay in your home, for the spaces I use, I would:

  • Keep the house neat & tidy so that it looks like you never left.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Keep dishes, fridge and kitchen clean.
  • Do the laundry as needed
  • Vaccuum/ hoover or sweap the carpets and floors
  • Dust the areas I have been in
  • Clean the washrooms 
  • Bring in the mail – advise you of items arriving (if you would like)
  • If a car is provided, I drive it responsibility OR start it periodically

In addition to this, I respect your privacy and only go in places previously agreed upon. (ie: some people do not want me in their master bedroom, and I am ok with that as long as I have a place to sleep & stay). The goal is to provide you with a sense of security & peace of mind.

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I have been a pet parent myself most of my life. I grew up with dogs but also have had rabbits, gerbils and hamsters. As a adult, I have had cats in my life for over 25 years. Although no longer a full time pet parent – pet sitting does offer this opportunity to meet my pet needs while travelling.

Pet Sitting Services

Again, simple approach! Follow the instructions as best as I can. This means getting to know how you do it! Including:

  • Feed pets and animals as per your routine as best as possible.
  • Only give food and treats you have pre-approved (as you have purchased them).
  • Maintain house rules with the animals (ex: if not allowed on counter).
  • Provide routine as best as possible (ex: if pets sleep on the bed, they can continue to do that with me).
  • Provide medications as directed.
  • Walk or exercise as directed.
  • Provide companionship similarly to what you would.

Although I am not you,  I try to replace you and I strive to make sure your pets continue to be happy and content despite your absence..

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Over the years I have had many gardens including a 10 year period where we had 10 allotment gardens (50’x25′) which yielded hundreds of lbs. of potatoes, bushels of onions, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers for pickling and so much brocoli & cawliflower! And so much more! 

Plant Sitting Services

A large part of what makes a house a home is what lives inside and around it, and this means that your plants and gardens will also receive the same care and attention. This may include:

  • Watering plants and gardens
  • Fertilizing as per instructions
  • Light weeding of flower beds & gardens
  • Cutting the grass or shoveling the snow as needed
  • Harvesting fruits and vegetables as needed to ensure ongoing production

So I try to keep the plants and gardens growing and thriving so that they look lush upon your return and maintain their productivity!

After all, if you invest in planting a garden, you really want to enjoy the fruits of your labour

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Additional Services

So even though you must or want to travel, it does not mean life has to stop in your absence. 

If you have commitments that you need to honour or have honoured in your absence, just let me know and we will see what or if I can help you with those. Things it may include running your AirB&B, running errands, accepting packages and deliveries, etc. 

So let me know, and we will see what can be arranged!