Leave Kind Words

It makes all the difference!

Thank you for trusting me with your home and pets.

As you know, seeking a second opinion is something we all like to do at times. For house, pet and plant sitting, this often means checking references and reviews. In the world of House and Pet sitting, relationships are build on trust. I would appreciate it if you would share your experience of me with other potential home owners and pet parents.  If you are not sure what to write, let me suggest some areas that you can touch on:

  • the condition of your home upon your return
  • the wellbeing of your pet(s)
  • the condition of your plants & property
  • about the responsibilities you requested
  • anything done above and beyond what was expected
  • a bit about your city, town and village to provide context

Your comments will be used to help other home owners and pet parents make their own decisions. For me, it will help me source more House, Pet & Plant sits, locally and around the world. 

Thank you once again for placing your trust in me, and  do not hesitate to contact me again when you plan your next travel adventure!

And do not hesitate to share my contact information with friends and family who may want or need my services. I am always willing to help!

Leave a kind word