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It's all about personality!

The best part of house & pet sitting is getting to know the different personalities of all the pets I get to care for. Some are cuddle bugs, others independent, some have serious demands and others just want a little companionship. This gallery is just about getting to know some of those personalities! After all, each is unique and loveable! Sadly, I did not start my website when I start sitting – so I don’t have pictures of all my monsters!

Some of the monsters I have pet sit!


I met Benji in Dec 2021. He lost his sibling Bijoux about a month earlier so was still waiting by the window waiting. Despite this, and being very shy, daily visits to the basement to connect brought him out and back to the main level. Now, he comes to bed with me (in fact, by 11pm, he kinda gives me the stink eye if I am not ready or going to bed!) Otherwise, he is great company and sits with me in living room as we do COVID movie marathons. 


I met Dylan in Ottawa in 2019 and I have done sits lasting between from 4 weeks to 9 weeks long. So we know each other pretty well! He wakes me up in the morning by sitting on the corner of the bed and when I open my eyes, he cuddles up! He loves it when I watch TV or work on the computer so he can sleep on me or the keyboard. Yeah!

Kazoo & Banjo

I also met these two in Ottawa and have sat for them on 3 or more occasions (depending on when you read this). Kazaoo aka Little Buddha loves to sit near me and meditate whereas Banjo is strong and independent. He keeps an eye on everything. Both are escape artists who respond to “clicking” sounds to come home. Food might be a motivating factor too! 

Trucker & Relish

I met Trucker & Relish in 2020 in Montreal while mom was off site working. I was told Relish was really shy and I would only see if I looked under the sink at his hiding place. Relish must have liked me because within 24 hours, I was receiving visits, cuddles and being followed into the toilette (risk of being a house & pet sitter – you never go pee alone!) Trucker on the other hand, was independent and just wanted to sleep on the bed and be outside in the fresh air. He watched TV with me one night, but otherwise did his own thing. Best part, he came home when called after his daily outside jaunts.

Vinny, Fritz & cat 3

These guys are indoor/ outdoor cats. When indoors they like to eat and sleep – I know there is a lesson is that! I was told I would not get a picture with all three of them, but then, when they are ready to run away, they pose together more easily. Fritz is a climber, Vinny loves to be picked up (uh, not) and the other loves his boxes. I betcha he gets excited by Amazon deliveries – new boxes!

The Rural Hobby Farm

This place was amazing! The home owners had, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rats inside the house. And there was 5 ducks, 30 chickens and 1 ducken (a duck that thinks it’s a chicken). It was for 2 weeks and it was a learning adventure! I took a video of the ducks getting aggressive before stopping them, turns out I interupted “hanky panky” time and there was not need to worry! Thank goodness human mating is different! I feed the chickens left over corn and it was awesome and of course got cuddle from the whole crew! 

Missy & Sniffers (pups)
Bella & Peanut (cats)

I met this crew in Kanata and all of them are so loving. Sniffers wants to cuddle during movie time – heaven forbid he does not share the couch and blanket. Missy wants to hand around too but gives Sniffers more space. Peanut who is 17 is attentive but likes his space in mom’s bedroom while Bella thinks she is a perroqueet and wants to be my next travel companion! 

Louis, Kathy & Rini

I met these three in London, England! They were full of energy and though I was their climbing post. Best part – I did not mind! They all wanted cuddles – though Louis a bit less! Those boys!

Sybella, Posy, Bonnie & Effie + Angel & Nero

These 4 pups In Banbury, England – full of energy and love. A walk with these four nearly took off my arm as I tried to leash them but once on the path – I let them free and they were so happy! It was joy to see them, to adventure with them. And Sybella, well she did not like to sleep alone! I became her “teddy bear” waking up with her in the crook of my neck. The cats Angel & Nero on the other hand, refused to come to me, I saw the food disappear but never their faces. 

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