Read Kind Words

A second opinion? Yes, please!

Now if you are new to searching for a house and pet sitter – you may be feeling unsure about it and the whole experience. 

Even if you are not new to house and pet sitting – you may feel unsure about it.

So what do you do? You ask your friends & read reviews about the service you are looking into. In this case, you want to make sure that your house and pet sitter – me (Anik) is the right one! Here are some of the references I have collected during my house and pet sits over the years. Perhaps reading about other people’s experience will provide you with more peace of mind. 

However, if you have questions – never hesitate to reach out to me! 

Highlights & Full References

Nicky is "a feral foster cat ... he had difficulties adjusting, she was very communicative, providing updates and details, answering my enquiries timely & willing to try different things to accommodate. Appreciated her efforts... & her care of my cats was great!
Dec 2020 - Ottawa, Canada
"Anik has sat for me twice now. Anik is an outstanding house sitter, attentive and responsible. She loves spending time with my cat and he clearly enjoys her loving care. She is knowledgeable and is able to spot any potential changes in health and behaviours."
Dec 2020 - Ottawa, Canada
"Anik was fantastic. We under estimated how good she would be. Never thought I would be able to go away stress free. I was terrified at the idea of leaving all of my animals and she recognized it and reassured me at every step."
Vicky & Jay
August 2020 - Aylmer, Canada
"I have used Anik on more than one occasion and have considered it a blessing when she is available ... Anik was a wonderful fit for my house/pet sittings. We had excellent communication prior to the sitting and throughout her stays."
March- April 2020 - St Catherines, Canada
"It was great to have Anik take care of my two cats, Banjo & Kazoo, and home in Ottawa, ... . I felt very comfortable being away with my cats in her experienced hands. Especially since one of them got unexpectedly sick before I was leaving,..."
3 Sits between Sept & Dec 2019 - Ottawa, Canada
"Anik was a joy to have in our home. She is super quick to respond to any messages and provided updates and pics on a regular basis ... I was impressed that Anik was proactive about a minor medical issue while we were unreachable."
October 2019 - Kanata, Canada
"Anik was a pleasure to meet and to welcome to our home. Everything was easy to arrange, and she took great care of the three kittens, and left the house clean and tidy ... Anik left us some of her delicious cooking for when we arrived back! "
August 2019 - London, England
"I spent a lot of time with Anik as I missed my flight and... the next one...was 3 days later. She cooked me breakfast daily in my own home and we had a lot of good chats. She’s a kind, loving person with a lot of experience travelling/ house-sit."
August 2019 - Swieqi, Malta
"Anik is a natural with domestic pets. The dogs loved her and she went the extra mile to ensure that they were happy and as spoiled as they are used to.... I would certainly have her back."
August 2019 - Banbury, England
"The 2 dogs really liked Anik from the off. She persisted with our slightly wary cat Sox. We had no worries at all ...She also made us a lovely shepherds pie. We would be very happy that Anik would return. "
July 2019 - Carlisle, England
"Anik was helpful from the start. She even gave us a lift to the airport at 5 am in the morning! Even found my wallet I lost and help with documents I needed n the distance. Cats were happy and so were fish on our return."
July 2019 - Endinburgh, Scotland
"Anik took care of and looked after my villa, dog and three cats. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time ...We met a couple of times before and I felt confident that I met a very capable person and felt secure... I would highly recommend Anik"
June 2019 - Campo of Andalusia, Spain
"We live in Canillas de Aceituno ... We had an overlap ... and were able to see ... what a kind, thoughtful and well organized person Anik is. Anik looked after our dog and our two cats (and) ... walked the dog up to our local village ... to feed 50+ street cats... Anik quickly gained the trust of all of our pets and many of the ferals as well."
Debbie & Mick
May 2019 - Canillas De Aceituno, Spain
"Anik sat for us for just over a week and took good care of our cat Guinness. She is a lively independent lady well used to travelling ad housesitting. We came home to several home-cooked meals which was a nice surprise. Good luck with your future travels Anik."
April/May 2019 - Josselin, France
"Anik has not only taken care of my cats, but has helped me organize my home while we were away (with our requested, prior permission). Anik is a joy to have in my home. Thank you!!"
Several visits in 2019/2020 - Mississauga, Canada
"Anik was a wonderful fit for my house/pet sit.... I received regular updates on my pets while she was there ... added up to a stress free vacation for me ....The house was left in spotless condition ... I look forward to having her back again in the future. Thanks."
January 2019 - St Catherines, Canada
"Anik was a pleasure to have! We communicated before my trip ... She is very thoughtful! Left my place very clean and it was like no one was there at all, other than a few kind treats she had left me (she had made me some food). Anik is welcome back anytime! Thank you."
January 2019 - Ottawa, Canada