Snail Travel:
House & Home on your Back

My first RV love, 2018

I discovered RV’ing with my partner who had it on his bucket list. We did alot of research, saw alot of RV’s and finally decided on this one! 

It was a Class A (shaped like a bus) 1999 Triple E Embassy. It was 34 feet long, a base model of a Canadian brand made in Manitoba. It had heated tanks (yes, you want your water and poop not to freeze in the cold), fully insulated and had everything we needed. 

It wasn’t fancy but it was luxury on wheels. Fridge, microwave, oven, bathroom, heater and air conditioning. It slept up to 5, with a queen size bed in the bedroom. Needless to say, we were comfortable.

Coming in 2021

My “new” rig! I will be picking up this beauty in May 2021 to start the RV and House & Pet sitting adventures. 

So what is it? It’s a Class C – basically a house on the back of the a pick up truck. Built in 2013, it is 24 feet long, made by Forest River. A Sunseeker model 2450S which means it has a slide in the living room to create a dance floor. 

Specs of interest – sleeps up to 6 people, has full bathroom, kitchen and it’s more luxurious than my home with an air conditioner!


You can go anywhere! You are your own master. Want to stay longer? Stay. Want to move? Move. It's all about you!

eyeball, vision, retina


Pick and choose destinations based on what you want to see, how far you want to go & the time you have

Experience !

City, country, parks, campgrounds, boondocking, moochdocking - it's all experience!

Expert? Not!

Nope! And without a doubt, not even close to an expert. You can RV travel for years and still not be an EXPERT. 

However I did do my research, I am always willing to learn and I have 6 months of  RV travel on me. And it has been a great experience. For many people, the idea of living in such a small space is difficult, but I have to say, the 34 feet was luxurious after travelling with 1 suitcase and a backpack for a while. 

Do you dream of RV’ing? Are you ready for the adventure? Here a couple things to think about and/ or plan before you take a leap! Below are pri’s and con’s for RV’ing adventures. You may notice that some may be in one column, but may belong in the other for you. This will depend on your experience and perspective! However it is all designed to give you food for thought! And you can always reach out if you have questions or comments!



  • You decide! You research, you plan, set timeline & budget
  • Flexibility with how much/ how little you want to spend
  • Control over food – home made vs take out/ restaurant
  • Carry everything you want/ need
  • Home on wheels
  • Gain more awareness of water & electricity conservation
  • You have everything you need at your fingertips
  • Can pick locations to be out of reach & truly disconnect
  • learn about yourself, and what you really want & need
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Avoid dense city life, especially if you have a larger RV
  • Self sufficient, can boondock if wanted! 


  • You decide! You research, you plan, set timelines & budget
  •  Need to research & information to plan & budget
  • The size of your RV may dictate some of the places you can go
  • Carrying everything you want costs more! 
  • Visiting while being home – “less” adventurous, no “hotels”
  • Small shower
  • Poop tank! (aka – back water tank)
  • Must conserve water, electricity and be aware of tank capacities
  • Internet/ wifi – staying connected has challenges
  • Unexpected expenses, vehicle repairs, house leaks, appliances going kapoot
  • Campsite limitations (ie: rigs under 10years or less!)

There are so many more pro’s and con’s! As I travel, I will try to write about my stories and lessons learned! This way, when you are ready to adventure, you can learn from my experience! And since my 2021 RV’ing will be peppered with house & pet sits, you may shed light a on a completely different approach to living, travel and adventuring!